About Me

Hi!  My name is Maegan Brown and I am a fourth grade teacher.  I have been teaching for ten years, seven in third, and this is my third year in fourth. I absolutely LOVE my job. My school is departmentalized, so I teach a 3 way split of mathematics: 2 advanced classes and one regular class. Even though I only teach math, I always search for ways to incorporate literacy into my lessons and units. I achieved my National Board Certification in November of 2012 in the area of Middle Childhood Generalist and am currently pursuing my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction. My passion is creating exciting lessons and resources for my students, and I would love to share my ideas with you :)

My husband and I have been married for 3 years!  We were married on June 8, 2013, outside of a Plantation.  A dream come true!  It has been a change to have Brown as my last name, but hearing 48 third graders say it over, and over each day has definitely helped!

A few things about me:  I love dark chocolate, Mexican food, cherry-diet-coke, soup and sandwich combos, wedges, and listening to Pandora.  I am a TPT addict and school usually consumes the majority of my life.  When I do have time I enjoy reading for fun, Pinteresting, and of course, shopping. I am a girly girl, but love some LSU and Peyton Manning football.  My girlfriends mean the world to me, and without them, I'd lose my sanity!

There are so many challenges and changes that come along with being an educator. My hope is that teachers who truly love the profession of teaching will continue to persevere and make learning fun, exciting, and meaningful for their students.  Sometimes, we just need a little help and support or an idea or tow, or three, or many more!  I hope that by joining the blogging community, I can help a few educators along the way and, of course, continue to gain ideas and be inspired from all of you.


  1. Cute Blog! I love the fun colors. Good luck with your Masters!

  2. Thanks Kristy! I love yours, too :) I like reading about how you are getting everything underway!

  3. Love your blog and learning about you! Welcome to the blogging world. I also just started about a month ago. Have a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Maegan - I am a new follower and have nominated you for the Liebster award, check out my blog ig you would like to accept. http://lahinga.blogspot.com/2014/03/playing-catch-up.html