Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wardrobe Wednesday

I am excited to give something new a try on my blog. I love, love teaching, but I love, love, LOVE clothes-especially "teacher clothes" as my husband would say.

I know that as teachers, we spend lots of our own money on classroom supplies and we often don't treat ourselves to nice clothes because the word, "budget" is lingering in our minds. My goal for these Wardrobe Wednesday posts is to give teachers (or other professionals) an idea of budget friendly outfits that can be worn in the workplace and even mixed and matched for casual weekend outings. 

Today I am going to focus on some versatile pieces that I discovered at The Limited for 50-70% off! The quality and comfort of each of the items are amazing, so I hope you have your credit card handy!

Just some quick notes: I am semi-tall, about 5'9. I know for my tall girls out there, finding skirts and dresses that are an appropriate length for school can be rough, but the ones I feature today won't get you a dress code violation-promise! Secondly, I have weird toes. I'll just put that out on the table...

 Let's start with some basics. A black pencil skirt and a white, sleeveless top. Ladies, I present to you Outfit #1. This sleeveless top is extremely airy and light, but it's not too see-through. I'm down here in South Louisiana so I don't like wearing a cami underneath a top if I don't absolutely have to. The pencil skirt fits true to size and is touching the top of my knees. Did I mention it's less than $19?! 

The white top comes extremely close to my shoulders, but I know that some of you have strict dress codes. If you are worried about the shirt being "too sleeveless" just throw a cardi over the top. This would have to be one of my favorite looks EVER. The top is less than $18 and the cardigan is $20. 

Now let's talk about these wedges. Heck yes, I am a wedge girl. Yes, even when I am on my feet 10-12 hours a day, I love rocking the wedges. Fact: If you invest in high quality, comfy wedges, your feet will thank you. They will. Especially in these babies: Clarks Platform Wedge. I ordered these from Amazon. I've also seen then at Nordstrom Rack, but they are more expensive at Nordstrom.  I LOVE these so much, I am going to invest in the navy and nude.

See, I told y'all...weird toes.

Now let's talk about another pencil skirt option: khaki. Same skirt, but just a traditional khaki color (I may or may not have ordered this skirt in navy, too...) Now, as much as I adore the skirt, let's talk about the cutest top, EVER. I love everything about this top. The color, the fabric, and the dainty ruffles. I have the link to the skirt below, but the top seems to only be available in stores. The top is worth a trip to the mall! It was 60% off of the sale price (making it about $13.00) and there was also a lavender option.

 Let's take a little break from showing some leg, and let's talk about my absolute favorite crop pants. Crops are perfect for me to wear to school here in the South. I love my skirts and dresses, but a nice, fitted crop is a staple that I always find myself going to for a nice, clean look.

In the left picture below I am wearing the same coral top with Drew fit ankle pants and my Clarks wedges. I will be able to wear these pants until December and then again in March, so these are definitely worth purchasing! These pants are super slimming and comfortable. The fit is true to size for sure. 

The picture on the right shows me wearing the white, sleeveless top with the red version of the Drew fit ankle pants. Something about the start of school screams, red, don't you think?

This next pair of pants need to be in your closet, asap. Not even just one pair, I'm thinking that if you're a teacher, you need every. single. color. These Chino pants are to die for. They are super light and extremely comfortable. I did go a size down in these pants because they seem to fit a little larger in the behind area. This is definitely a Thursday look for me. Cute, but casual and just what I need towards the end of the week.

Chino pants ($35)
grey t-shirt ($10 and I'm wearing a medium)

Last, but certainly not least....DRESSES! This has got to be my favorite dress I've ever purchased from the Limited, and God knows I've got lots. The pattern is gorgeous and can carry you into fall, and the fit is flattering. Oh, and my favorite part, it's not more than 2 inches above my knee so I can wear this gem to school!

Printed A-line dress ($28 and wearing a medium)

 I loved the fit of the dress so much, I had to buy it in the navy and red striped pattern! So simple, yet so fun!

 I am super pumped about my back-to-school clothes, and I know I'll be rocking these classic pieces for quite a while! I hope you all have gotten some ideas for your school wardrobe today!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Quickie and a Freebie

This summer has been an absolute whirlwind. I cannot believe that it's time to get back into the classroom...YIKES! My days of pajamas, Netflix, Homegoods, snuggling with my pups, and having a clean house are just about over. Insert sad emoji here...

...and if you didn't feel sorry for me before, continue reading...

Y'all, my Open House is next in July 27. YES! July. 27.

Every time I remind myself that my classroom has to be picture perfect by JULY, I get major stressed out. As much as the start of school and the endless amounts of school supplies excite me, the hustle and bustle of getting everything ready gets so overwhelming! Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like they are ADD around this time of the year? I start something, then move on to something else, but wait-that bookshelf needs to be organized and those labels have to be remade...

Speaking of labels, you can grab these labels FREE by clicking the image below. I needed some new homework labels for my whiteboard as well as a pop of color for my objectives board, so I whipped up a few things.  I hope someone else can benefit, so go ahead, click below!

Oh, and while I was gallivanting today at my usual hot spots, I picked up these fabulous notebooks at Office Depot. Cupcakes, donuts, sprinkles...I mean, my heart was about to explode!