Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Currently

July 1...really? I always feel like once July 4 comes and goes, it's time to get into school mode. My Open House is July 27, so I have less than a month to get my classroom ready and to get two units of curriculum finished. Why is it that deadlines start to feel real when you put them into writing?
Once again, I'm linking up with Farley from Oh'Boy Fourth Grade for the July Currently. 

Listening- Dawson's Creek now comes on ABC Family following Gilmore Girls. Ummm. yes please! I am seriously having flashbacks to middle and high school, and I cannot get enough! Today Scott Foley (yes, Jake from Scandal) made an appearance and was dancing to Savage Garden's, "I Want You". THIS is why I set my DVR to record the show every, single, day.

Loving- I've already purchased my school supplies and have made several trips to my local school supply stores. I am LOVING these chalkboard brights letters, and will be using them all around my classroom this year. Instead of posting, "Word Wall" this year, our math vocabulary will be posed next to this...

Thinking- After this weekend, I will be in full school mode. 3 months off a year....yeah right!

Wanting- Definitely wanting to shop, shop, shop! I got an email today from Loft informing me that everything is 50% off. That's enough info for me to put on my makeup and hit the mall!

Needing- Now that I am officially finished with grad school, I've had so much time to read for fun! I absolutely loved my last two reads (see pics below), and I've got a reading wishlist about a mile long. I just can't commit to a new book! What are you all reading this summer?

All Star- I would like to say that I am an All Star baker! I really enjoy baking, and I'd like to say I'm pretty darn good. My husband has decided to go on this healthy, protein filled diet, so I haven't baked as much as I usually do in the summertime. Men spoil all the fun!

Oooh, and in other news, I will have a new blog design coming at the end of August. Just in time for some new blog entries filled with fourth grade math! Exciting!

I hope everyone is enjoying summer!!!