Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Currently

First post of the summer!  What a whirlwind of a year...
Moving into a new classroom...check!
Working with a new team...check!
First year teaching fourth grade...check!
Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction...check!
Teaching three sections (2 advanced) of 4th grade CCSS math...check!
Surviving...check! (but just barely)

I am so excited to be finished with grad school! I have already had so much free time to read, to work on TPT, and I am so thrilled to be able to blog without feeling guilty about putting off action research. To start, I am linking up with Farley for the June Currently linky!

Listening: My husband gets up anywhere between 4:45 and 6:30 for work, so I'm usually up fairly early, but I refuse to completely get out of bed. This means you will usually find me cuddled up with my pup with a cup of coffee, my iPAD, and with GMA in the background. My school day mornings are EXTREMELY rushed, so I love embracing lazy mornings catching up on the news...and gossip.

Loving: Again, my lazy mornings. I am currently in my pjs, drinking my second cup of coffee, and if I weren't blogging, I'd be reading. I've read the following books so far this summer...

I started reading Classroom Discussions in Math, and I LOVED every bit of what I read-until the book completely disappeared. Yes, vanished into thin air! Seriously! I went to Canton, TX with my mom and brought this along to read at night. It was with me one moment, and now it's nowhere to be found :( The book was fabulous, and if you're a math teacher, you need this immediately! I will be ordering another very soon!

What are your reading this summer?

Thinking: I should have gone to the gym. This thought enters my mind every morning. But, again, I love my LAZY mornings!

Wanting: My husband and I recently purchased a new couch, and I've wanted to restructure m living room a bit. I've changed my color scheme, and purchased a new rug yesterday. My project today is to find some fabulous pillows!

Needing: I know, I know, it's June 2. Our 4th grade math curriculum needs to be completely revamped, and the thought of beginning this massive task completely overwhelms me. I have TONS of ideas, but organizing those ideas and putting them down into curriculum format means my summer is practically over, already!

Summer Lovin': Summer means having lunches that last longer than 20 minutes with my best girlfriends, my mom, and my sweet grandmother. I love, love, love summer lunches! Of course, I have a beach trip scheduled with the husband, and I'm so excited because my best friend and her hubby are coming down for a few days! We are even chartering a fishing boat...that should make for a funny story :) Lastly, No more grad school...I think that sentence speaks for itself!

Happy Summer!