Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas and Computation

Am I losing my mind, or is it really the last school week before Christmas break? This year has flown by, and I think I'm almost getting to the point where I can finally catch my breath! Grad school finals are over, and I feel like I finally have a chance to blog about what's going on in my classroom. 

Before I get to my sweet fourth graders, check out my cute family. The hubs, me, mom, dad, and my sister. My mom was determined to get all of us to wear silly hats :)

My fourth grade kiddos have been working super hard on division concepts. We have been exploring multiple strategies like Partial Quotient, Area Models, Distributive Property, and Grouping Strategies. It has been so interesting to see which strategies my students have enjoyed and how they have strategically arrived at solutions multiple ways..

Oh, and we were encouraged by Peyton manning before beginning our division unit. Have y'all seen this Face Talk app? It's hilarious, and the kids LOVE seeing their role models talk math. Peyton challenged my students to master 3 and 4 digit division using multiple place value strategies, and encouraged students to persevere. Peyton may or may not have sounded like my husband.....but, I don't they noticed :)

To break away from tedious computation, I wrote various division equations on large construction paper and posted the paper around the room. Students were challenged to go around the room and complete only one step of the division problem. This activity was so meaningful because students were challenged to continue to solve the problem that was started by the student before. Changing their individual division methods definitely got the wheels turning in my fourth graders's brains! Students initialed next to the step they contributed, and were also instructed to check the previous step before they continued the problem. Students found a few errors, and really enjoyed fixing their classmates' mistakes :)

As for the CRAZY week before Christmas, I decided to review the skills we've already learned this year. To spice up my spiraling review, I made a Christmas themed math review geared to specific fourth grade skills. Some word problems have students convert basic measurements, solve using addition and subtraction, or require students so solve multi-step problems involving multiplication and division. These 24 cards can be used in pairs, cooperative groups, as a SCOOT, or as an around the Room. I am posting my cards around the room, allowing students to choose a partner, and the first pair to bring me all 24 correct answers wins a special Christmas Challenge prize. 

Also, as a basic computation review, students will be solving these cards as an individual SCOOT this week.

You can click on any of the images to get your own :) Good luck this week!  I am praying for patience and sanity!

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